Does Your Dog Need to Lose Weight?

The United States pet obesity rate is rising and we owe it to our furry family members to educate ourselves on proper feeding techniques to keep them healthy. According to the latest veterinary surveys, over half  of our nation’s dogs are overweight. Obesity puts pets at risk for developing health conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, kidney and heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer.

Read on to find out how to begin properly managing your dog’s weight:

You’ll notice on your bag of dog food the diet is measured in kilocalories per cup, otherwise known as kcals. Putting your dog on a diet requires strict monitoring of all caloric intake. To determine how much your dog should eat, refer to the chart below.


Dog’s weight in lbs Total kcals per day Dog’s weight in lbs Total kcals per day
10lbs 218 kcals 70lbs 938 kcals
20lbs 370 kcals 80lbs 1037 kcals
30lbs 497 kcals 90lbs 1132 kcals
40lbs 616 kcals 100lbs 1225 kcals
50lbs 730 kcals 110lbs 1316 kcals
60lbs 835 kcals 120lbs 1405 kcals


Feed the dog for what you want it to weigh, not what it weighs now. Use an actual measuring cup to be sure you are giving the proper amount. Keep in mind you should include calories from any treats given during the course of the day.

Find the number of calories that are in what your dog is eating. Apparently, this is top secret information. The best source we’ve found for calories in dog food is a website called You can look up many foods on the site and if you first select the Nutritional Info tab, and then scroll to the very bottom of the page, it will give you the number of calories per cup of food.

  • When looking for a dry diet dog food, try to select a diet close to 300 kcal per cup or less.
  • Remember all calories count and calories from treats need be factored in to what your dog can have daily.


Click on the link titled “Calorie Count of Popular Pet Treats” below or copy and paste it into your browser for more information.



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