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A Very Merry West Greenwich Animal Hospital!

December 11, 2018

Twas the day before Christmas at the Animal Hospital

We were rushing to get ready for anything possible.

Christmas trees glowing with holiday lights,

Toppled over in the middle of the night.

You run in the room and can’t believe what you’ve found,

Ornaments and tinsel tossed all around.

Your cat in the middle eating with delight,

In the days coming will sure give you a fright.

Lilies and Holly and Mistletoe,

Holiday classics, but they all gotta go.

Vomiting and diarrhea? What is the matter?

Did your dog eat your entire appetizer platter?

Lots of excitement on Christmas Morn

Running to the Christmas tree louder than a storm.

Tearing open presents with great joy,

Did you get your pet a Christmas toy?

The days following Christmas we know what’s in store,

Obstructions and belly aches knocking at our door.

There’s one thing to know before your pet has to stay,

If he has a bone, string, or sock TAKE IT AWAY!

Want more tips to help you this holiday?

Click on this link to the ASPCA


Poem by Amber Hopps

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