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Benefits of Grooming Your Dog

July 1, 2013

Grooming your dog isn’t just about making him or her look pretty, although that is an added benefit. The truth is, grooming is just as much of a hygiene necessity as any other element of your dog’s health. Below, a West Greenwich veterinarian discusses the all-encompassing benefits of properly grooming your pet.

Avoiding Skin Issues

By regularly brushing your dog’s coat, you are helping him avoid potential skin problems. When fur is not properly groomed, it becomes matted and clumped. Not only is matted hair extremely uncomfortable for your pet—mats pull and stretch the underlying skin, causing pain and even affecting the ability to walk—but it can allow dirt and oils to gather under the matted hair, causing infection and irritation. Brushing also removes any burs or tangles in your pet’s coat.

In addition to brushing, make sure to bathe your dog on a regular basis. Be sure to use a specially-formulated dog shampoo, as human shampoo can irritate a dog’s skin. Consult your West Greenwich vet on the proper bathing process as well as what shampoo may be right for your pet.

Spotting Injuries

Matted fur can also obscure injuries. Lacerations, lumps, bruises, and rashes can all remain hidden under a matted coat. By regularly brushing and bathing your dog, you’ll be able to spot any injuries or irritations right away. Contact your West Greenwich veterinarian immediately if you see any type of injury on your dog’s skin.

Combating Allergies

Brushing and bathing helps remove fleas and ticks, as well as pollen and other allergens that may be sticking in your dog’s fur. For allergy sufferers, proper grooming may be essential to living comfortably with a dog in your house.

Looking Great

Of course, another benefit of proper grooming is simply looking great. A freshly bathed and brushed dog will look healthier, shinier, and happier than one with dirty, matted, unkempt fur. Just as us humans tend to feel better when we look good, dogs appreciate looking their best.

Regular grooming sessions can even provide quality bonding time with your dog—your pet may look forward to getting brushed and bathed. Ask your West Greenwich vet about what procedures and products to use with your dog. Looking great, feeling great, and a host of health benefits to boot—there’s no downside to properly grooming your dog!

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