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Put the Bite on Your Dog’s Furniture-Chewing Habit

March 1, 2015

Your retriever mix Rascal has really cultivated his taste for fine furniture. At first, this single-minded dog was content to nibble on your family room’s bean bag chairs and floor pillows. Now, he has graduated to the big time: chewing on your impeccably made living room set. Although Rascal’s chomping helps to clean his teeth, he has clearly gone down the wrong path. Tomorrow, your West Greenwich veterinarian will provide your mistakenly focused pooch with some behavioral counseling.

Secure the Crime Scene

First, select the most obvious solution: remove your destructive delinquent from the crime scene. Close the living room door, if you have one. Otherwise, blockade the room with a baby gate or other temporary barrier. However, realize that your clever canine might consider this only a minor inconvenience.

Perhaps your dog would rather chew on some high-quality printed material. Dissuade him from destruction by placing your magazines and books on higher shelves. If Rascal has developed a taste for fine footwear, place those desirable shoes in an inaccessible closet.

Substandard Experience

If your determined dog keeps coming back for more, give him a chewing experience he’d rather forget. Buy a vet-approved chewing deterrent, and spray the foul-smelling liquid on or near Rascal’s favorite objects. Get him acquainted with the substance by encouraging him to lick a saturated paper towel. Chances are, he’ll find the taste revolting, which is great news. You want him to make a clear association between the two horrible experiences.

More Appealing Alternative

Next, give Rascal something more appealing (and acceptable) to gnaw. Buy some hardy-looking chew toys that might survive your dog’s withering jaws. If he is allowed a few snacks each day, pack a treat puzzle with his favorite kibbles or tasty peanut butter. If your canine family member enjoys an energetic tug-of-war game, get him a two-way pull toy designed to give his super-efficient choppers a workout.

Mental and Physical Workout

Sounds like Rascal could use some obedience training (or maybe a refresher class). Also, give your super-charged pooch lots of energetic playtime and exciting dog park visits. Hopefully, he’ll expend so much energy that he’ll be too tired to chomp on the furniture.

Ask your West Greenwich veterinarian how to stop your dog’s destructive antics when he’s home alone. If your pooch has a furniture-chewing habit, contact us for expert advice.

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