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Fun Ways to Exercise a Cat

November 1, 2013

Cats need their exercise just like any pet—unfortunately, it might not be as easy to get them moving as it would be with a dog. Try these fun activities to get your cat exercising.


Toys are still probably one of the best ways to get your cat moving while providing a lot of fun for your pet and you. A simple piece of string can work great as a toy—dangle it in front of your cat and watch her go wild chasing the end. Always monitor your pet closely when playing, though; accidentally swallowing a piece of string or yarn could result in intestinal blockage, which will require a trip to your West Greenwich veterinarian’s office.


Laser light toys work great with many cats. Shine the laser on the wall or floor. Your cat will chase the light, incessantly going after it with no results. Don’t shine the light directly in your cat’s eyes, and give her a real toy after you’re done with the laser so she can have the satisfaction of catching something.

Cat Towers

Cat structures are wonderful for cats who enjoy climbing on them. Most cats like high perches, so climbing up on a tower structure will double as good exercise. Many come with built-in toys or scratching posts that will also get your cat active.

Play Dates

If you have a friend or relative with a cat, consider setting up a playdate. If the two get along well, they can spend hours romping around with each other, working off some calories in the process. Of course, make sure each cat is up-to-date on all vaccinations and preventatives, and don’t introduce them to each other if their claws aren’t trimmed.

Go Outdoors

Even if your cat is an indoor feline, you can try training her to walk on a leash just like a dog would. Purchase a cat harness and leash from your local pet store or vet’s office, and ask your West Greenwich veterinarianhow to start training your cat for leash walking.

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