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Getting Your Puppy to Sleep Through the Night

September 1, 2013

While it may take a while for your new puppy to sleep through the entire night, there are a few ways you can help your puppy stay quiet and relaxed at nighttime, letting you sleep longer. Here, a West Greenwich vet tells you how.

No Food or Water Before Bed

Since a puppy’s bladder is much smaller than an adult dog’s, they can’t hold it as long. If they go to sleep on a full stomach and bladder, it won’t be long before they’re whining to go out. Don’t feed your puppy in the three hours before bedtime, and do your best to withhold water for the last hour or so. This should elongate the time he sleeps through the night.

One Last Bathroom Break

Just before bed, take your puppy out for the night’s last bathroom break. Eliminating just before bed—along with limited food and water in the last several hours—should extend the time your pup sleeps at night.

Tire Your Pup Out

Sometime before heading to bed, schedule a play session with your pup. Romp around with him, using toys, and get him moving around actively. With any luck, he’ll be all tuckered out by the time you’re heading to bed, zoning out for hours before waking up again. Consult your veterinarian for advice on good, healthy exercise for your dog.

Put Puppy’s Crate in Your Room

Assuming your puppy is already crate-trained, you can consider putting the crate in your bedroom. Many puppies will feel more comfortable sleeping alongside their owners, rather than being left alone in another room. This comfort may help your pup sleep longer and more soundly. Another advantage is that your pup will be right there when he does eventually have to go—you won’t have to stumble through the dark house to find his crate.

After a few weeks, puppies should be learning to sleep longer hours at night, letting you get your beauty sleep again. Ask your West Greenwich, RI veterinarian for more advice and tips.

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