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Helpful Tips to Get Your Cat to the Vet

October 22, 2019

Does your cat go into hiding and magically disappear every time you need to take them to the vet? How could the cat possibly know what you are planning to do? Do you wish you had some helpful tips on how to help your cat not be so afraid of going to the vet?

We are here to help!

We see all types of cats here. The mellow cat that is okay with just about anything, the confident cat that strolls around the room and jumps on the counter, or even the nervous cat that stays in the carrier and hisses or scratches. We understand this behavior and want to do our best to make your trip less stressful.

So just imagine for a minute, you are being chased around your house until you’re caught. After that, you are locked in a small box, put into a noisy machine (we call it a car), and brought to a totally new environment with unfamiliar sights, smells and sounds. To make things worse, you can’t understand what is happening because no one speaks your language. It sounds horrifying right?

Cats are creatures of habit. They eat, sleep and often use their litter box on a schedule. On the day of your appointment with the vet, you might unknowingly break your cat’s routine by feeding them differently, or giving them extra attention, or even just by bringing the cat carrying crate in from the garage.

Be aware that cats are very sensitive to change and any of these small acts can throw them off and send them into hiding.

Good News! We are here to help.

We want you to try adding something new to your cat’s daily routine.

Keep the carrying crate in a permanent spot in the house that is a comfortable place for your cat, like the living room or bedroom. Put their blankets and kitty toys inside of it changing it to a comfy space for them to retreat to. The goal is to get them to look at their carrying crate as a familiar and safe space, so this way, when you need to put them in it for travel, they might be less stressed about the trip.

The Ohio State University of Veterinary Medicine does a great job of explaining how to crate train your cat called Free Access Crate Training:https://indoorpet.osu.edu/cats/basicneeds/fact

If you would like to take it one step further and desensitize your cat to car rides and vet visits OSU does a great job of explaining that as well:https://indoorpet.osu.edu/cats/felinelifestressors/veterinarian

Following some of these simple tips can help your cat have a happier trip to the vet. Please feel free to contact us, your local animal clinic in West Greenwich, RI!

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