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National Catio Day

March 15, 2023

March 15th is National Catio Day! This is one holiday we know our feline patients would approve of. (Granted, Fluffy may show her appreciation in some rather odd ways, but that’s another topic.) As you may know, we always advise keeping kitties inside. Catios are a great way to let your pet enjoy some fresh air and sunshine without the risks. A local vet discusses Fluffy’s outdoor kitty pad in this article.

Benefits Of Catios

If you tell your kitty that she is safer indoors, because of the dangers posed by things like cars, weather, traffic, parasites, chemicals, and wild animals, she’ll probably just yawn and lick her paw. Regardless of your pet’s opinion on the matter, she really is better off indoors. Catios can be a great compromise, though. They let your feline pal get some stimulation and enjoy a change of scenery without compromising her safety. The best of both worlds! 


An enclosed porch or patio is a great spot for a catio, but those aren’t the only options. You can use a spare room, sun room, or even a bright corner. There are no official rules or laws here: the point is to just give your pet a taste of the great outdoors. Choose a spot that gets a lot of light, preferably one with a good view. For extra purrs, put a birdfeeder up where your kitty can see it.

Catio Trappings

If there was a single ‘must-have’ for catio spaces, it would be a cat tower. You can buy one, but you can also go the DIY route and upcycle a stepladder or metal storage rack. You may also want to add some pet-safe plants, which will also give your place a nice welcoming look. Some good options are Spider plants, Boston ferns, Rubber tree plants, and Areca palms. You can find a full list of both safe and unsafe plants at the ASPCA website here. Catios can also double as great reading/yoga spaces: add some cute pieces for yourself as well.  


If you want to go even further in pleasing your feline overlord, you can opt for an enclosure. You can attach these to existing windows or doors, without having to make any structural changes. Look online for products or, if you’re going the DIY route, plans. For enclosure, we would recommend choosing a level area, one that gets a mix of sun and shade.

Our Advice on National Catio Day in 2024

What are the benefits of catios for cats?

Catios offer numerous benefits to cats. Firstly, they provide a safe environment for felines to enjoy the outdoors, protecting them from traffic and wildlife. Catios also allow cats to experience fresh air, sunshine, and mental stimulation, reducing boredom and stress. These enclosed spaces promote physical activity, helping cats maintain a healthy weight and muscle tone. Additionally, catios often feature elevated platforms or cat towers, which cats love for climbing and perching. In essence, catios strike a balance between indoor security and outdoor exploration, ultimately improving a cat’s overall quality of life and well-being.

Where can you set up a catio for your cat?

You can set up a catio for your cat in various locations. An enclosed porch or patio is ideal, providing a safe outdoor experience. However, you can choose other places, such as a spare room, sunroom, or a well-lit corner. The key is to create a space that allows your cat to enjoy a change of scenery while ensuring their safety. Additionally, consider placing the catio in an area with a good view and plenty of natural light. This versatility allows you to find the perfect spot to set up a catio that suits you and your feline companion.

What are the potential dangers of letting cats roam freely outdoors?

Permitting cats unrestricted outdoor access can subject them to various risks, such as accidents involving vehicles, encounters with predators, exposure to extreme weather, and the possibility of becoming disoriented or missing. Cats may also encounter toxic plants, chemicals, and parasites that can harm their health. Additionally, they might fight with other cats, leading to injuries or the transmission of diseases like feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). Ensuring cats stay indoors or offering them a secure outdoor area like a catio safeguards them from potential dangers while providing the advantages of outdoor experiences and mental stimulation.

What are the considerations for choosing a location for a catio?

When choosing a location for a catio, consider several factors to ensure it’s a safe and enjoyable space for your cat. Opt for an area with ample natural light and a good view, as this can provide mental stimulation. Ensure the spot is secure and escape-proof to prevent your cat from wandering off. If you plan to add plants, ensure they are non-toxic to cats. Additionally, consider the climate and provide a mix of sun and shade. Lastly, please choose a location that’s easily accessible for your cat and convenient for you to supervise their outdoor activities.

What is National Catio Day, and why is it important for cat owners?

National Catio Day, celebrated on March 15th, is an occasion that promotes the well-being of cats by encouraging responsible pet ownership. It highlights the significance of providing safe outdoor spaces for cats, known as catios, where they can enjoy fresh air and stimulation while remaining protected from outdoor dangers. For cat owners, it’s essential because it offers a compromise between indoor safety and outdoor enrichment for their feline companions. Catios provides a secure environment where cats can experience the outdoors, reducing the risks associated with free-roaming outdoor access. This celebration raises awareness of cat safety and encourages cat owners to consider these enclosed spaces for their pets’ happiness and safety.

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