Our Team

Dr. Ralph Pratt
Owner, Veterinarian
Ralph Pratt grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts. He was always interested in science, especially zoology. While working on his master’s in Zoology at the University of Rhode Island, he realized he wanted the broader perspective of veterinary medicine. After getting his master’s, he was accepted to the Tufts University of School of Veterinary Medicine. Now he is a Veterinarian and the Co-Owner (along with his wife, Dr. Amy Pratt) of West Greenwich Animal Hospital!

Dr. Pratt enjoys surgery and dentistry, because they allow him to use a particular skill to solve a problem and see immediate results.

Ralph’s older brother is a fisheries biologist and his older sister is a college professor of biology. Ralph lives with his wife Amy—he says a good way to get something done is to tell his wife she can’t do it! They have a son, Christopher, who is in college, a golden retriever named Lucy, and three black cats.

Outside of work Dr. Pratt likes to be outside or around the house fixing something. He and his wife recently remodeled their home, doing most of the work entirely by themselves!
Dr. Amy Pratt
Owner, Veterinarian
Amy Pratt spent her childhood summers in Greene, Rhode Island, on her grandmother’s farm. It was there that her love of animals blossomed—she bottle-fed orphaned kittens, rode ponies, cared for orphaned baby birds, and spent time with all manner of pets. She discovered that she really enjoyed figuring out problems and helping pets. Now she gets to do that every day as a Veterinarian and the Owner of West Greenwich Animal Hospital!

Amy went to the University of Rhode Island as an Animal Science major. By her junior year, she was seriously considering veterinary school. She eventually went to Tufts University near Boston, her hometown, to receive her DVM. In 1995, Dr. Pratt and her husband Ralph opened West Greenwich Animal Hospital.

As a veterinarian professional, Dr. Pratt likes helping families understand anatomy, physiology, health, and sickness. She likes breaking down problems in order to solve them successfully.

Amy lives with her husband and business partner, Dr. Ralph Pratt, who consistently amazes her with his ability to focus and retain complex details. Their son Christopher is caring and mature beyond his years. The family dog, Lucy, likes to steal banana peels and eat whole bananas if she can get her paws on them! The Pratts have three cats as well: Tooie, Thistle, and Dottie.

In her spare time, Dr. Pratt likes to spend time outdoors, either in the woods or around their home building or fixing something.
Dr. Suzanne Scott
Associate Veterinarian
As a kid, Suzanne Scott’s father read James Herriot stories to her almost every night. These tales glorified the life of a veterinarian and—combined with her already fierce love for animals—made Suzanne want to become a veterinary professional.

Suzanne was born in Stamford, Connecticut, and moved around a lot, eventually living in Wisconsin, Texas, and New Jersey. Suzanne went to the University of Virginia for her undergraduate studies, then attended Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine in Ithaca, New York to receive her DVM. She moved to Rhode Island with her husband, where she is now an Associate Veterinarian at West Greenwich Animal Hospital!

Dr. Scott especially likes internal medicine dealing with the kidney, as well as endocrinology. She likes the detective work involved in dermatology and treating the underlying disease.

Suzanne lives with her husband Josh, who she met through her best friend at vet school, and their three children: 6-year-old Samantha, 4-year-old Evan, and 5-month-old Allie. They have three Dobermans, Briscoe, Ciara, and Amber, and an Italian greyhound, Tessa. They also have two cats and four goldfish.

Dr. Scott has been getting back into her hobby of running, which she hasn’t been able to do for almost a year since she was pregnant and had an infant. She also enjoys reading when time permits.
Dr. Betsy Richmond
Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Betsy Richmond remembers exactly where she was when she decided to become a veterinarian—sitting on the dirt runway of a tiny airport in Borneo, having just left a tropical rainforest study of orangutans. She realized she didn’t want to become a tropical rainforest ecologist and instead preferred the carpeting and bathroom tile of civilization!

Dr. Richmond was born in Newton, Massachusetts. She attended the Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine to receive her DVM, working on the weekends at a zoo, a racetrack, and an animal hospital. She’s worked as a veterinary professional for over 11 years and now serves your pets daily as a Veterinarian at West Greenwich Animal Hospital. Ask her to tell the story of the Bengal tiger cub she once treated at 3 o’clock in the morning!

As a veterinarian, Betsy particularly enjoys working with large canines, internal medicine, cardiology, endocrinology, and geriatric medicine. She likes providing clients with both medicinal and emotional support for hospice care.

At home, Dr. Richmond lives with her husband, two daughters, Peri and Bailey, and their five-year-old Italian Spinone, Digby. Dr. Richmond’s goals for the future include raising happy, healthy, productive children, doing her best as a veterinarian and mother, and keeping her home clean. When time permits, Betsy likes young adult literature and natural science non-fiction.
Dr. Laura Brannigan
Associate Veterinarian
After graduating college with a business degree and working in the sales field, Laura Brannigan realized she wasn’t completely fulfilled. She decided to go back to school to become a veterinarian, and her journey led her all the way to her current position as Associate Veterinarian at West Greenwich Animal Hospital!

Born in a small New Hampshire town, Laura moved to Colorado and attended Colorado State University to receive her DVM degree. She moved back East, starting her career in Maine but relocating to Rhode Island few months later. She’s worked as a veterinary professional in Rhode Island since 1997.

Dr. Brannigan’s favorite aspect of her job is the long-term relationships that she is fortunate enough to develop with the pets she sees, as well as their owners. She loves the science but also enjoys the hugs and kisses she gets every day!

Laura lives with her husband, their son, and two dogs and two cats. Laura’s son Thomas is 13 years old. Their cats, Sam and Jack, are both 16-year-old animals that Laura nursed back to health after they came her way. Luna is Laura’s nine-year-old golden retriever, and Cooper is a seven-year-old Border collie mix who enjoys barking constantly.

In her spare time, Dr. Brannigan likes to run and has competed in over 100 running events including triathlons! She even likes to bring Cooper along when race directors allow it.
Dr. Dana Brown
Associate Veterinarian
Dana Brown’s father’s best friend was a veterinarian. He used to take care of the family pets, and Dana even visited and worked in his practice throughout her childhood! She realized she loved dogs and horses more than almost anything in the world and decided to attend vet school. Now she gladly helps pets and their owners every day as an Associate Veterinarian at West Greenwich Animal Hospital.

Dr. Brown grew up all over the East Coast, and sometimes even in California, because her dad was an Officer in the Navy. Dana received her undergraduate degree from Virginia Tech, spent two years in a master’s program for Soil Science at the University of Florida, and then received her DVM from Auburn University.

Dana loves getting to know clients and their pets and especially enjoys managing old patients with multiple health concerns. Elderly dogs are her favorite!

Dr. Brown’s husband Mark is a professor and soil scientist in the Natural Resources Department of the University of Rhode Island. He enjoys fly fishing, bicycling, and running. They have two children: Sarah, who loves horses and dogs and is also an artist, and Carter, who likes soccer and baseball and is good at putting other people at ease. Dana is pictured here with her beloved dog Mae who has since passed away. She misses her greatly and is planning on adopting another dog when she feels the time is right. Dana has a draft horse she rides almost every day and also has two cats, Inky and Dixie who the family loves very much.

Outside of work, Dr. Brown likes reading the paper and getting a back rub every night, spending time with her pets, going on walks, reading to her kids, and spending time with her friends and family.