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Yorkie Day

August 2, 2022

It’s Yorkie Day! Although these cute little dogs may be small, they have big personalities and are much admired. A vet will highlight these little, charming pooches below.


Yorkie is one of the smallest dog breeds, rarely exceeding 8 inches in height. Like many small dogs, they have a long life expectancy: These small dogs can live up to 16 years. That’s a lot for a dog! They are very affectionate and cuddly. However, they can get a little high-strung. Fido is a great little guard dog because he lets you know when someone is at the door. However, he also thinks that everyone is his best friend. Yorkies tend to express themselves more than other dogs. So if you want a quiet canine pal, this may not be the best choice for you.


When it comes to grooming, Yorkies don’t shed or drool much. However, because they have a long, silky coat, they need to be brushed daily. You can’t have everything!


Yorkies are fairly intelligent and generally quite easy-going, which makes them easy to train.These pups are also quite active and need plenty of time for play and stimulation. However, they are prone to separation anxiety and can feel very lonely when left alone. You might want to get a friend for Fido.


Yorkies are prone to certain specific health issues such as bronchitis, cataracts and skin problems.They are also known to have sensitive tummies, so you need to be careful what you feed Fido. It’s also important to note that because Yorkies are so small, they can be seriously injured if they fall: even falling out of a bed. or the sofa may cause injury! They’re also a bit clumsy. Ask your veterinarian for specific advice.

Fun Facts

Fido has had a few nicknames over time. Yorkies are sometimes referred to as Tomboy Toys due to their bold and aggressive behavior. They were also once called the Broken-Haired Scotch Terrier, which honestly sounds a bit sad.

Famous Yorkies

There have been a few celebrity Yorkies. First we have Sylvia, the smallest dog in recorded history. This pup is only 2.4 inches tall! Another Yorkie of note is Smoky, a World War II hero. Of course, we think all Yorkies deserve to be celebrated.

Our Advice on Yorkie Day in 2024

What is the typical size and life expectancy of a Yorkie?

As a veterinary expert, I can tell you that Yorkshire Terriers, commonly known as Yorkies, are one of the most miniature dog breeds. They typically stand no taller than 8 inches at the shoulder. Despite their diminutive size, Yorkies often lead surprisingly long lives. On average, a Yorkie can live up to 16 years, which can vary depending on genetics, overall health, and quality of care. Their long lifespan and small stature make them a popular choice for those seeking a petite yet long-term canine companion.

How are Yorkies’ personalities described in terms of affection and behavior?

Yorkshire Terriers, affectionately known as Yorkies, are renowned for their spirited and affectionate personalities. These small dogs pack a lot of characters into a tiny frame. They’re known for being incredibly cuddly and affectionate with their owners, often forming solid and loyal bonds. However, Yorkies can also be quite energetic and sometimes high-strung. They’re alert and vocal, making them excellent, albeit tiny, guard dogs. This breed tends to be very friendly and often thinks everyone they meet is a new friend, showcasing their outgoing nature.

How do Yorkies respond to being left alone, and what might be a solution?

Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies, are known for their strong attachment to their owners. When left alone, they can experience separation anxiety, which may manifest as excessive barking, destructive behavior, or signs of distress. To mitigate this, it’s crucial to gradually acclimate them to alone time, starting with short intervals and progressively increasing the duration. Providing stimulating toys and a comfortable environment can help. Additionally, considering a companion animal for your Yorkie can be beneficial, as they often enjoy the company of other pets. Consistent routine and training also play a vital role in easing their anxiety.

What specific health issues are Yorkies prone to?

Yorkshire Terriers, commonly known as Yorkies, are generally hardy but predisposed to specific health issues. One of the most common concerns is dental problems due to their tiny mouths, making regular dental care essential. They’re also prone to bronchitis and related respiratory issues. Yorkies often have sensitive digestive systems, requiring careful attention to diet. Additionally, they can suffer from joint problems like patellar luxation, where the knee joint frequently slips out of place. Regular veterinary check-ups are crucial for early detection and management of these health concerns specific to Yorkies.

Why do Yorkies need to be handled carefully regarding falls and injuries?

Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies, require careful handling due to their small size and delicate structure. Their tiny bones are more susceptible to fractures from falls or rough handling. Even a short fall from furniture or being accidentally stepped on can result in significant injury. Additionally, Yorkies are known for their curiosity and fearless nature, which can sometimes lead them into precarious situations. Owners must be vigilant and ensure their environment is safe and secure to prevent accidental injuries. Regular vet check-ups are essential to monitor their health and promptly address concerns.

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