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July 31st Is National Mutt Day

July 2, 2022

Happy National Mutt’s Day! On this day we celebrate all the amazing things about mixed breed dogs. Mutt dogs, cross breeds or mixed breeds are attractive and loyal and have their own unique personalities. Read on when a vet talks about National Mutt Day and why mixed breed dogs are the best dogs.

Healthy Mutts

You may not have known, but mixed breed dogs are actually healthier than purebreds. This is true: crossbreed dogs are less likely to develop health problems such as hip dysplasia or heart disease than their pure counterparts. In fact, mixed breed dogs are the best dogs, which is why:

  • They are as faithful as they are loyal. If you treat them with love and respect, they will do anything for you.
  • They have no problems with allergies! Allergies are common in purebred breeds because they have been bred with specific characteristics, such as curly hair or supple ears, but if you get a mutt, their hair is not curly or supple – that’s something! And her ears probably also have a normal shape!
  • They are cheaper than purebreds! You can get an adorable puppy for just $ 1 on National Mutt Day (or adopt an adult dog that is waiting forever in an animal shelter).

How Can I Celebrate Mutt’s Day?

There are many ways you can celebrate National Mutt Day, but one of the best ways is to spend time with your dog. If you have time at work or school, consider taking them to the park or walking through the woods. If you’re busy at work or school and don’t have time to get out, be sure to take them for a long walk around the block or just sit in the garden and watch them smell unattractive. inside after doing business outside (or while sleeping).

Other ways people choose to celebrate this holiday include:

  • Make homemade dog treats
  • Participate in local rescue organizations
  • Take time to volunteer in shelters
  • Buy gifts for other dog owners who have visited your home without first asking (and then handing them out)
  • Make art about your love for your dog
  • Write letters

That’s why we celebrate our canine friends who have been by our side for years (or even decades!). They are not just family members – they are our best friends!

If you would like more information on how to get involved or need to schedule an exam for your pooch, call us today, your local veterinarian in West Greenwich, RI.

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